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Expand your eCommerce to UK | The first automated compliance for UK

Dreaming about selling to UK again? Getting there is much easier than you think! 1st we automated the whole EU, now we have done the same for UK. One tool covers the EU and UK! 

Expand your eCommerce to UK | The first automated compliance for UK

UK VAT registration

Just like the EU, there is a required registration. In the case of the EU selling intra-EU, the minimum is VAT and OSS registrations. Not difficult, but you need to have the company documentation at hand. A dose of patience is also needed, it can take up to 8 weeks to register for VAT in some countries. OSS registration is 5 minutes, tops. Delivering from outside of the EU you have to register for IOSS. Again, not difficult, but if you are a non-EU company, you need an IOSS intermediary and in some countries, it can take up to 4 weeks to get you the required IOSS number. There are countries where IOSS is ready to be used in 10 minutes. 
Back to the UK, you will need a VAT registration – and that is it! With the VAT registration in the UK, you can sell in the EU and deliver from the UK to the UK. The registration takes up to 8 weeks, so get started! Some logistics companies are asking for an EORI number, but it is only required if you are taking part in customs processes, which we do not recommend in any case. Just like in the EU, there is a duty-free threshold of £135, with a simplified customs process. 

Why register for VAT in UK?

Give your customers the service they deserve. Simplified customs processes are only available for the VAT registered sellers on items below 135€. And that means: less costs and less time. Taxes are paid at checkout, so your customers have no required actions after purchase – you have happy customers wanting to come back to you. 

Is that it?

Of course not! You still need to be able to calculate appropriate taxes, prepare the reporting or have someone file the reports and pay the taxes. 
The calculation means new tools, reports are manual work, and time away from things that matter, and filing is just made difficult from outside of the UK. Overall, it’s a huge task!

EAS - one tool to automate your UK and EU compliance

We handle not only all of your registrations, including UK registrations, but also calculate taxes & duties and automate the reports minimizing your accounting costs as well as filing them.

With EU services we invoice our fees and taxes due and handle the payment so that you continue focusing on what matters: running your business. The same tool handles the whole EU and UK!

How to get started?

Starting is easy. Just register with us here. Choose the services you want and we make it happen. We handle the registrations and the installation, so you can focus on sales.
If you have questions, contact us at info@easproject.com or book a meeting here.

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