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Introducing EAS, your ultimate solution for painless and stress-free European tax compliance.

As a leading Nordic tax software provider, EAS offers the most advanced VAT automation in the market. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing tax obligations, as EAS specializes in pay-as-you-go IOSS, OSS, and UK VAT solutions.

Expand your market reach effortlessly with EAS by your side. With our comprehensive solutions, you can effortlessly cover the entire European Union and the UK, ensuring smooth operations across borders.

EAS seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify (EAS EU application at Shopify app store), WooCommerce (EAS EU Compliance plugin at WordPress) , and Magento2 (EAS EU compliance application at Magento marketplace), making implementation a breeze. Not only that, but EAS is also compatible with platforms such as Kickstarter and ShopWare, and offers API connections for custom eCommerce sites.

With EAS handling your tax compliance, you can shift your focus back to what matters most – driving sales and growing your business. Let us automate your tax obligations, while you reap the rewards of a streamlined and efficient process.

Experience the ease and convenience of EAS today. Register here and transform your tax compliance experience.

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EAS core team is located in Helsinki central

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Robert Ruutsalo
Sales & Marketing Director
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Mikhail Muromsky
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Oleg Ridal
Director of Development
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Annie Li
Sales Manager China
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Marketing Designer
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Juhani Strömberg
Senior Advisor