One-stop solution to resolve the new EU regulations with high data security


Removal of 22€ threshold creates a huge amount of new challenges for online retailers and marketplaces. New tools are needed, new processes are required, and more data must be delivered.

EAS Solution handles it all.

Introduction of OSS schemes makes EU cross-border sales easier than ever. But handling of OSS number exposes marketplaces to new risks. Leak and misuse of the IOSS number can create huge losses for the marketplace. 

EAS handles all the sensitive data in blockchain.


One-stop-solution to resolve the new EU regulations

EAS Solution is an easy to use, automated solution to resolve the issues new EU regulations brings.
Fully automated VAT tool combined with blockchain technology keeps your deliveries flowing.

Automated VAT reporting

EAS Solution provides fully automated EU VAT reporting and filing. Up to 11 automated VAT reports per EU country

Prepayment of taxes and duties

Single transaction model. End-customers are able to pay duties and taxes at the moment of purchase.

Full landed cost calculator

Accurate full landed cost calculator calculates national duties and taxes.

Identification of VAT scheme

Only two schemes existed. Now, there are up to 11 different schemes. With EAS automation, they are stress free and cost-efficient 11 schemes.

Full customs data sets

EAS Solution creates automatically full data sets for customs clearance and sends it to customs declarant through blockchain.

Seamless deliveries

With prepaid taxes and duties, and full customs data sets - instant customs clearance is enabled and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Blockchain security

Hide your IOSS number, fiscal data and sensitive personal data from the delivery chain. Risk-free data handling and full GDPR compliance.

HS6+ code generator

HS code is obligatory for all shipments from 1.7.2021, regardless of value. We provide you with the most accurate solution in the market, whether they are real-time and off-line solution.

Protect your IOSS number


The IOSS number designates the VAT liable party, the selling company. The misuse of an IOSS number designates a wrong company and their representative as VAT liable. Do make sure your IOSS number is only revealed to the parties requiring it. Reassigning or canceling an IOSS number takes at least a month.

EAS hides IOSS numbers to the blockchain and reveals it only to the customs declarant.



CRCD blockchain full customs data sets equals seamless deliveries, faster customs handling,
and less manual work. CRCD connects online retailers, logistics companies, postal operators and custom authorities to a secure end-to-end data platform.

Connecting the whole delivery chain

Single integration for data access for the whole delivery chain - with added security. CRCD allows to define roles for input and output for all delivery chain parties. Automatically, of course.

No data requests or post-purchases needed

With CRCD all required data is timely available, end-customer does not have to be bothered post-purchase. No surprises and delays is satisfied customers.

Customs representation permission

You don’t want the end-customer to import the goods themselves. Your customs declarant receives the permission to represent automatically.

Less manual work and parcel storage

Availability of data, automatic formulation of required documentation = less manual work and less time on shelves for the parcels. Posts OHOY!

Factual data from reliable source

The reliable source for the required customs data starts from the checkout and continues through the delivery chain. The data source can be reviewed and proven.

Encrypted personal data with GDPR compliance

Don’t worry about the GDPR compliance, we did! CRCD conceals personal data from those who do not need it and stores it according to the current legislation.

Secured fiscal and IOSS number

You can conceal all unnecessary merchandise data, such as value details. IOSS number does not have to be guarded with your life, CRCD does it.

HS6+ code generator with AI technology

No shipments pass through the EU customs without HS6. Don’t worry, we can check or create your HS6 code. And use it for other obligatory reporting automation - of course.