EAS Compliance

for Enterprise

Full compliance solution for enterprises

EAS Enterprise Solutions is an extension to the already powerful EAS Compliance Solution automation.

The EAS Enterprise Solutions support the bigger and more complicated business models with customised requirements. Multiwarehouse, multichannel or multianything, we got you.

EAS helps you to map all your tax obligations for a new market

All VAT schemes handled

Your complete sales VAT solution

We handle effortlessly each of the VAT schemes IOSS, non-Union OSS, OSS, UK VAT and B2B. Regardless of whether need is independently or simultaneously.

The multiple simultaneous VAT schemes require a sturdy solution. EAS is exactly that.

Multi-warehouse & multiple domestic VATs

Supporting the most complicated business models

Each change in the business model multiplies the compliance and accounting complications. A new warehouse can create a demand for additional domestic sales data. Add to that the need to support the other VAT schemes simultaneously and without automations the manual work and mistakes will burden both human and financial resources.

EAS solution is built for complications by our expert team.

EAS Apps

No-code integration

Fully automated VAT compliance

EAS can be easily connected to unlimited number of online stores and marketplaces. 

App based Shopify, WordPress and Magento installation does not require a technical team.

EAS Supports Marketplaces
You can easily connect your Amazon, eBay and CDON accounts with EAS.

API connection and other platforms
Connecting your store to EAS with API is made as effortless as possible. EAS API team supports you with the connection.
EAS also supports manual sales report uploading.

Supporting accounting software and ERP

Connect your EAS data with other platforms

When there are 2 moving parts, the platform and the accounting software / ERP there is always an element of uncertainty. We provide you with support for all data needs and data management, and even assist with accounting. 

Customs data

Streamlined customs data with military-grade data security

EAS Solutions manages by definition the data required in customs processes.

EAS blockchain based customs data management and transfer solution in place to provide streamlined and safe data management to further improve your customer experience. 

Logistics solutions

EAS has in-depth knowledge and partner network in logistics

Not only are we taxation experts, we also hold the status of Authorised Economic Operator towards EU customs. That indicates we are very capable to provide customised logistics solutions. Whether it is daily shipments to Europe or large, occasional shipments from Kickstarter / Indiegogo or Delivery Duty Paid solutions, we are here for you. 

Dedicated support

Compliance and tech team always at your service

Indirect taxation is an ever evolving field which rarely moves towards simplification. We are the combination of ecommerce technology and indirect taxation and customs consultants, available when needed. 

Reach EAS Support via email, chat and phone in minutes!

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