EAS EU Compliance App for Shopify

IOSS, OSS & UK VAT in a single Shopify app.
Fully automated, no code & no manual work. 

Thousands of sellers trust EAS!

The most popular and highest reviewed Tax App for Shopify!

built for shopify

EAS Shopify App has the Built for Shopify status, which is the highest level of recognition and achievement that an app can reach.

Built for Shopify Apps have to meet Shopify’s highest quality standards for speed, ease of use, and merchant value.

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We're Aussies and we found the EU/UK tax laws so difficult to work around that we almost gave up on selling to those markets. Within one day we went from having no clue to being fully set up! The prices everywhere else were outrageous (≥$25/month without even a sale) and the services offered were minimal... but these guys give the FULL onboarding (they do it ALL) and they don't charge monthly fees! Their customer service is outstanding and their offering is so thorough that you would be an idiot to do IOSS anywhere else. I was almost put off by the lack of reviews but that would have made me the idiot! Super grateful for EAS. Not to mention that they didn't even ask for a review (which you normally get hassled for repeatedly by apps). Bloody amazing. Wishing you guys all the best, you deserve every success that comes your way!

IOSS & Shopify

EAS offers ful service from registration to filling, we make your sales across the EU stress-free. We will help you every single step of the way, including free installation & configuration services.  

EAS increases your customer experience: 

  • All taxes are paid at checkout
  • No surprising costs for your customers
  • Deliveries do not at customs
EU sales made easy for Woocommerce plugin
Automated VAT calculation, easy compliant with EU VAT for Woocommerce plugin

Everything is automated!

  • Easy setup with EAS Shopify app without coding.
  • No paperwork required. EAS handles all tax registration, reporting & filing.
  • With EAS, you won’t have any contact with EU tax authorities.

Looking for an IOSS number?

We got you covered!

EAS provides all-inclusive IOSS service for Shopify, including IOSS registration & IOSS intermediary. We can get you an IOSS number in less than 20 minutes!

IOSS intermediary is provided by EAS
selling into the UK easily with EAS

New feature!

UK extension

Sell to the UK just as easily as you sell to the EU. EAS made UK sales easier than your domestic sales. 

UK extension works through the same EAS Shopify app.


Becoming EU & UK VAT compliant

Become EU compliant in one hour

Let EAS handle the setup

Start selling to the EU & UK!


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IOSS is an abbreviation for Import-One-Stop-Shop. You can read more about here in our Support.

Not sure how it works for your business?

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