EAS for Woocommerce

Sell to the whole EU with EAS plugin

Would you like expand your market to cover the whole EU? EU VAT compliance issues might on your way, multiple VAT registrations and expensive reporting to national TAX portals in multiple languages.

No worries, we have automated it all. With EAS tool you’re able to expand your sales to new markets with low cost and zero-stress – and the first month is on us!

If you are located in EU, with EAS you are able to report all your EU sales to your local tax authorities. We provide you the report, you just need to send it to your local reporting portal and that’s it – the whole EU reporting is done!

Female online seller is happy by using EAS VAT compliance tool

Are you delivering from outside of EU to EU?

We can provide you an all-inclusive IOSS solution from IOSS registration and role of intermediary, to fully automated IOSS reporting and filing, plus automated customs data with high data security.

With EAS, you are fully VAT and customs compliant to the whole EU. No more hassle with VAT, and no more deliveries stuck in the customs.

Who benefits the most? You and your customers!



No starting fees

No monthly fees

Easy to install

Choose your plan based on your E-commerce scheme. The pricing is transactional, which means you can start selling and being VAT compliant with zero cost. 

Union OSS

For EU cross-border sales
0 For up to 50 transactions per month
  • Woocommerce plugin
  • OSS registration assistance
  • Full landed cost calculator
  • Fully automated EU VAT reports

Import OSS

Sell / deliver from outside of EU to EU
0 For up to 25 transactions per month
  • Woocommerce plugin
  • IOSS registration assistance
  • Fully automated EU VAT reports
  • Customs data automation

All-inclusive IOSS

One simple click to sell to the EU
1390 For up to 1000 transactions per month
  • Everything included in Import OSS
  • Intermediary service for IOSS
  • Automated IOSS filing
  • Real-time HS6+ code AI

Once you hit the Subscription limit, your plan will be automatically upgraded.

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