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IOSS registration (step 5) | EU VAT compliance guide

Everyone has heard of the frightening abbreviation, for Import One-Stop-Shop, IOSS. Why should you care? If you have been selling goods from outside of EU using the 22€ VAT exempt threshold and your goods are below 150€, it is something you should become very familiar with. It has been put in place to facilitate easier movement of goods from outside of EU. Important note here: it is the location of the goods which is the determining factor, not where you are registered in. Do read our blog on IOSS: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx x x

If you are registered in EU, you must register for IOSS in the country of registration. This is a very straight forward registration in the national tax office portal where you would handle your tax issues and Union-OSS registration. Yes, if you are registered in EU, you should definitely also register for Union-OSS, they are not mutually exclusive.

If, on the other hand you are not registered in any EU country, you will be required have an Intermediary for IOSS. The Intermediary’s role is to provide added security for tax collection, it is them they will come after if there are discrepancies or delays in payments. Only once the Intermediary route has been exhausted, will they go after the IOSS registered company. In other words, they are both jointly and separately liable for compliance AND the payment of VAT. And if there are recurring problems, they will both be banned and fined.

online sellers registering for IOSS

The right intermediary for IOSS registration

Not to be taken lightly, it is a precarious situation for the Intermediary. EAS solution brings added security and transparency to the operations, reducing the fees and stress for everyone.

If you are unsure about whether or not to register, or how to register, just get in touch with EAS. We are here to help you.

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