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Teemu Konttinen

MA in Design Management. Market focused strategist with bids eye view.

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VAT OSS, threat or a possibility?

If you have anything to do with online commerce, you have heard of the new One-Stop-Shop, the VAT OSS. The EU Commission introduced e-commerce package was enforced on 1st July 2021 with good intentions of facilitating a single, harmonious EU market. 

You can sell to all EU countries at their VAT rates without being VAT registered to all of them is certainly removing artificial barriers! Or, if you deliver from outside of EU you can do so with ease as long as the product is under 150€ using IOSS. There are a multitude of solutions available for the more expensive items, for example from couriers, but do check the pricing supports your pricing!

VAT OSS benefits

Logistics aside, VAT OSS schemes facilitate access to 445 million affluent EU customers. According to studies, even not having another language has the ex-pats loving to purchase from your wonderful store! And to make it easier, EAS automates all of that for you without monthly or annual costs! 

So yeah, talking about a no brainer. Now on with it, conquer EU! 

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