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Union-OSS registration | EU VAT compliance guide

Don’t get us wrong, taking advantage of the new EU tax regulation is not obligatory. But not taking advantage of it is like saying you don’t want to let everyone in EU buy your goods. With the right tools the costs and effort required are non-existent. First step is to register yourself to the appropriate program, and for an EU registered company delivering from inside of EU it is the intra-EU scheme, OSS.

Union-OSS scheme handles both physical goods and electronic services from EU to EU end-customers. Your current domestic VAT accounting and reporting remain unaffected, at simplest your accountant has to add collated EU sales and EU VAT as a single line. The full data is accessible in EAS Dashboard for the inevitable full audits.

Registration is done through the national tax office portal of the country registration. If you are already registered in multiple countries, you should use the country where most of your business is conducted. In reality there are no other limitations to the OSS registration country.

If you have been registered due to exceeding the VAT free sales threshold in another country we have REALLY good news for you: the thresholds have been removed! And by using the Union-OSS scheme you can revoke the VAT registration, simplify your business, and save significantly! If you are registered due to stocking goods in another country, you have to wait for the OSS part 2 for simplification. Right tools will still help you conquer the whole EU, so go ahead and register for Union-OSS!


Shopify users using IOSS solution from EAS

Easy OSS reporting with EAS

OSS reporting is what you will have to handle quarterly once registered, even without EU cross-border sales. With EAS tools you will receive the full report in correct format ready for filing through your tax office portal. If you have done sales without the use of EAS tools you will have to include those sales manually to the reporting. Your accountant will thank you for the full, accurate sales data – and again you are saving money and effort.

Registration for OSS should not take more than a few minutes, filing the report even less than that. Paying the VAT is done exactly the same way as VAT for domestic sales but only quarterly.

If you are unsure how to handle the registration, just get in touch with us and we will guide you through the process!

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