It is THAT time of the year again: 1/3 of the annual sales are around the corner!

Would access to 445 million potential customers increase your season sales? Second question: are your cross-border sales as easy as your domestic sales? 


We at EAS make your sales easy. We get you your own EU IOSS number in hours for full, compliant access to EU consumers. We’ll even do the installation and adjust our sturdy tool to support exactly your business model. No guessing, no scary reports or VAT talk, just sales sales sales! 


We are approaching the crazy 1.5-month period when merchants generally sell over 1/3 of their annual sales. Black Friday kicks things off on 25.11.2022 with Cyber Monday immediately following up on 28.11.2022. Together the extended weekend can be over 15% of the season sales! And then there are Christmas and post-Christmas sales. It is fireworks for the rest of the year, and we want to make sure it is beautiful! 


Letting your international customers purchase your goods just makes sense. Christmas centres around home and family. There are ex-pat families just wanting to feel the home they have left behind. During Christmas even more than any other time. And, their friends want to remind them what they are missing on and send the goods from home to them. Please let them, you are doing everyone a favour! 


Logistics and deliveries are important to handle in time. You can’t force the customers to shop in time or affect postal efficiency, but you can provide the possibility for early orders, well, early on.  So be prepared, have your store ready to deliver tomorrow. 


EAS allows you to take advantage of new regulations like IOSS for smooth, fast deliveries with excellent customer experience. All for a wonderful season for everyone. 


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