Sell easily to all EU countries with EAS

EAS all-inclusive OSS, IOSS, EU and UK VAT services make your EU sales stress-free and easier than ever.
We handle the complex so you can focus on your customers.

EAS's VAT Automation for eCommerce
Happy ecommerce seller using EAS VAT automation their business and being ready to sell to 27 EU countries

We make your
cross-border sales easy

Full VAT automation

Internationalization and business expansion create tax obligations. We are here to automate your taxes and reporting, no matter the business model or location. You can focus on your customers and building your business.

IOSS Intermediary service

EAS Intermediary service is included in the all-inclusive IOSS service, without any starting fees or monthly fees.

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What's included?

VAT report supports IOSS & OSS

Automated VAT reporting

Save money and time with full automation

All reports are from a single source and fully automated with EAS.

While saving money and time with automated IOSS, OSS and VAT reports. 

EAS also recognizes your VAT obligations automatically and starts to create the correct reports instantly.

No-code connection

EAS can be easily connected to multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. 

Onboarding with EAS does not require a technical team or external coders. EAS can be installed directly from Shopify, WordPress and Magento App Stores. 

You can easily connect your Amazon, eBay and CDON accounts with EAS.

If you need help with installation, EAS tech team makes the connection free of charge!

Covering EU + UK!

Introducing the EAS UK extension!

You can easily extend EAS EU solution to cover United Kingdom with the new UK extension

EAS has extended its full automation to cover UK. With a single tool you cover more than half a billion consumers. The UK extension works through the same plugin as the EU automation.

EAS calculates UK VAT, creates VAT reports, files the reports, and invoices and pays the required VAT. 

Transaction fee 1,25€ / UK order.

selling into the UK easily with EAS
Selling to EU by IOSS or OSS registration

IOSS & OSS registration

Do you need IOSS registration or intermediary? Or assistance with OSS Registration?

EAS helps you with all the registrations!

IOSS registration and intermediary services are included in the inclusive IOSS transaction fee.

VAT obligation mapping

Are you spending time and money researching your tax obligations?

EAS maps automatically your obligations, so you don’t have to spend time talking to tax experts (no one wants to do that).

EAS helps you to map all your tax obligations for a new market


eCommerce seller is happy with EAS's transparent and risk-free pricing

No monthly fees or starting fees Pay-as-you-go

Risk-free pricing removes the barriers to conquering the whole EU. Sell across the whole EU and stay compliant.

All-inclusive IOSS service

EAS All-inclusive IOSS service includes everything you need for IOSS compliance. We offer you free-of-charge installation and configuration service.

All inclusive IOSS  1,25€ / IOSS order

All-inclusive IOSS includes:
 – IOSS registration
 – IOSS Intermediary service
 – eCommerce platform connection
 – Free installation & Configuration service
 – VAT calculator
 – Automated IOSS reports
 – Automated IOSS filing

EAS transaction fee is charged from cross-border orders to EU. Invoicing fee (6€) applies. Without usage, no invoice or fee

Other EU services

OSS automation      0,32€ / order
IOSS automation*     0,72€ / order 
Non-Union OSS automation 0,72€ / Order

*IOSS automation is for companies who are already registered for IOSS.

Invoicing fee applies. Without usage, no invoice or fee

UK extension pricing

Starting fee              0€
Transaction fee       1,25€ / UK order

How to get started

Onboarding is made easy and quick, you can do it yourself or let the EAS tech team handle the whole onboarding and installation for free.

If you have questions or you need technical help:

1. Register

Register to EAS or let us do the whole process by contacting us

2. Install

Install the EAS plugin or let EAS handle the installation

3. Start selling

EAS calculates taxes and genetares reports automatically, you just need to sit back and enjoy.


For self-installation download the EAS Plugin from the following locations:

Do you want EAS tech team to handle the registration, installation and setting up?

Not sure how it works for your business?
Talk with our E-commerce expert!

We’ll help you every single step of the way. We know taxes so you don’t have to!