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A Tallinn-based eCommerce logistics tech company Feeport signed an agreement with Easy Access System Project (EAS Project) Oy which builds a SaaS- and blockchain-based VAT compliance and customs data transfer tool across the entire EU. The cooperation agreement with Feeport will boost EAS Project´s and its Estonian logistics partners´ capacity to customs clear bulk volumes of eCommerce goods arriving to Estonia from third countries.

The deal with a Helsinki-based Nordic startup EAS Project Oy comes just days after Feeport signed EKLT ltd, authorized service contractor for UPS in Estonia, into its SaaS-based x7trade software platform for customs clearance of eCommerce goods.

“For us it is a certain recognition that Feeport´s developed x7trade platform for automatic customs clearance of bulk low-value ecommerce goods is gaining good traction in Estonia and in the region. I think this is not only because it is fast and secure but also because we are a neutral technology provider. Our ambition is to keep growing across the EU, adds Egor Paanukoski, co-founder of Feeport.

“Although EAS focus is global, we see Estonia as an important link between especially the east-European and Russian e-commerce services. We are confident that the capabilities of Estonian businesses are proven sufficient for our partners, which will automatically direct volumes there, says CEO of the EAS Project Rostislav Shakhtakhtinskiy.

“We are working hard to be able to disclose important collaborations involving Estonia in the near future”, he adds.

“We are in the scaling up stage of EAS Project operations and the new tools and possibilities provided by co-operation with Feeport have a significant effect on the speed and our ability to scale the operations,” comments Maksim Tsõmbaljuk, management board member of Estonia-based logistics company AkordaBalt, a partner of EAS Project Oy.

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