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A collection of decorative wooden characters - The Motleys Queen Elizabeth


Decorative wooden characters


Art / Handicraft



Queen Elizabeth 1926 – 2022

Her royal highness, queen of the Motleys, with her glorious crown and ceremonial sash she rules over all the Motleys with grace and majesty.

Her majestic dress in white stained solid ash is adorned with her royal blue sash and golden broach. Her crown of white and purple-stained solid ash is adorned with jewels of brass and white stained wood which come from all across the Motley kingdom.

The Motleys are each unique and individual characters, with each wooden part of the entire collection containing magnets that have been carefully embedded into them, each part of the entire collection becomes interchangeable and interactive. These magnetic parts give you the freedom to mix and match any part of any other Motley in the entire collection to create your own.

For every Motley purchased we will plant 5 trees.

Order yours at https://themotleys.co/shop/the-queen/

The Motleys

The Motleys are a collection of decorative wooden characters that playfully showcase different cultures and lifestyles from around the world. They are a collection of independent characters that will bring some fun into your home or workspace.

It all began on Kickstarter
Our little idea and our dream to share it with the rest of the world only became a reality after we successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign, where we secured the backing of so many wonderful people who helped us bring the Motleys to life.

Diego & David
We are a pair of friends, colleagues who work together in our sister design studio brightpotato.com. We created the Motleys to be able to realise and share this cool idea with the rest of the world.

As the Motleys are a celebration of the culture of humanity, it was obvious to us right from the beginning that to do this we couldn’t ignore the inseparable link between humanity and the environment we all inhabit.

This philosophy of gratitude to our environment is deeply engrained within everything we do to create the Motleys. Characters are designed and produced with the highest quality natural materials so they can last for generations. Only biodegradable and non-bleached packaging material is used to protect our little characters while they are in transit. You won’t find any plastic, bubble wrap or harmful polystyrene packaging anywhere near a Motley.

Each individual part of the Motleys is made from solid wood and has high strength magnets embedded within them, allowing them to snap together really easily, and be super fun to play with.

Decoration that is Cultural and Fun
Celebrating the recognisable features of cultural characters from around the world in a fun and charming way that will allow them to be enjoyed, admired and treasured for generations.

Read the full story https://themotleys.co/about-us/

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