EU eCommerce How to boost your EU sales?

EU is yours to take

The EU market is available for you to seize, and the odds are in your favour.

This vast market consists of 445 million consumers, with a strong preference for online purchasing. In contrast to the United States, EU consumers are accustomed to buying products from foreign countries, resulting in cross-border eCommerce being valued at 220 billion euros in 2022.

A significant 74% of internet users in the EU shop online, with 40% of their recent purchases being made across borders. Surprisingly, less than 10% of EU sellers engage in cross-border sales.

What does this information signify?

It implies that EU consumers are always on the lookout for novel websites and brands to patronize. The trend towards individualism is growing, with consumers preferring smaller-scale manufacturers and stores rather than large marketplaces.

The EU market offers considerable opportunities for new cross-border vendors. With minor changes and efforts, your enterprise can thrive in the EU and become the next big success story.

What blocks companies from selling to all EU countries


The main obstacles that companies face when trying to sell to all EU countries are often related to VAT regulations, customs, marketing and deliveries. These issues can be challenging to navigate, especially for small and medium size companies or those without experience in international trade. 

However, the regulation-related obstacles and requirements can be overcome by implementing services like EAS. With our services, companies can expand their reach and tap into the vast potential of the EU market. EAS makes your life easy with taxes, regulations and customs.

This article gives you practical information and tips on EU marketing and deliveries.

Spread the word that you are now delivering to EU countries!

This is exciting news since you have opened your shop to a massive market of 445 million people. It’s crucial to let everyone know about it.

1. Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform for reaching out to your fans, followers, current and potential customers. Your EU followers will be delighted to hear about this news.

Tips for Social Media Announcement:

  • Make it a big announcement rather than an informative statement. Adding some hype never hurts.
  • Inform your audience that your EU deliveries are speedy, and they don’t have to worry about taxes or customs after purchasing from your store. You’re taking care of your customers and not leaving them stranded!
  • Create a campaign to celebrate your EU sales, such as offering a 10% discount for the next seven days. This will make the news even more significant.
  • Don’t forget to include a link to your online store.

2. Newsletter

If you have a list of newsletter subscribers, they have signed up to hear updates from you. This presents an excellent opportunity to share some exciting news with them!

Tips for Newsletter:

  • Incorporate all the tips from the previous social media section.
  • Promote at least one of your products since it’s your offerings that they are interested in.
  • Use images to create an engaging and visually appealing newsletter.
  • Ensure to link your social media channels and online store for added convenience.

Pssst.. If you don’t give your customers or visitors a chance to subscribe newsletter, you should.
Here’s how to add a newsletter signup to Shopify Shop

3. Website announcement

Upon landing on your online store, EU consumers are eager to know if you are offering shipping to their region. To address this, implementing a light announcement bar is an effective tool.

A text-only top banner can stylishly communicate announcements or promotions on your landing page.

If you are using Shopify, this video provides instructions on how to create a top header.

4. Update your delivery page / Shipping terms

Typically, customers will check the footer of an online store’s website to review the delivery terms and determine if the store delivers to their location. If you do not highlight your easy EU delivery options, you may miss out on potential sales.

MyAmazingShop provides delivery services to all EU countries.
For orders under 150€ (excluding taxes and delivery), taxes and duties are already included in the cost.

Double-check your EU delivery options

The cost and timing of delivery play a crucial role in a consumer’s purchasing decision. Therefore, we highly recommend investing time to perfect this aspect of your business.

Consider providing two delivery options for your customers – a cost-effective option and an express delivery option. Postal deliveries are often more affordable and can work well with IOSS, while courier services offer fast deliveries. By offering a choice, you empower your customers to choose the delivery option that best suits their needs.

Create / update your Shipping zones and rates

Registering for IOSS and ensuring EU compliance is not enough if your EU customers cannot place orders on your store. To avoid this, it is essential to add EU shipping zones and rates.

To make this process easier, we have provided step-by-step instructions on how to create Shipping Zones and rates. This should only take a maximum of five minutes to complete.

How to create Shipping zones and rates in Shopify
How to create Shipping zones and rates in Woocommerce

Postal deliveries

Postal operators such as Royal Mail, Swiss Post, USPS, Canada Post and Australia Post provide delivery prices that are difficult to compete with. With their affordable rates, campaigns such as “Free delivery for orders over 50€” are much easier to execute, and this type of promotion is highly effective.

Shipping contracts with postal operators typically do not require monthly or starting fees. Additionally, many postal operators have apps for Shopify/Woocommerce that allow for shipment management and label printing directly from your eCommerce platform. Note that these apps may have additional fees.

If your store is not currently offering postal deliveries, we recommend reaching out to your local postal operator to request their EU pricing table


The logos of major courier services like DHL, FedEx, DPD, and UPS are often associated with speedy deliveries. These larger courier companies are well-equipped to handle IOSS shipments and can deliver products to destinations all over the world in just a few days. With tracking and home delivery, express courier service is the perfect option for customers who want their goods quickly. 

Plus, when comparing prices, couriers make your postal deliveries look very attractive.

E-commerce apps from courier companies make it easy to manage deliveries and print labels directly from your platform. If you’re interested in working with couriers, start by contacting a few of the larger ones to get offers and compare pricing. Keep in mind that courier prices are often negotiable, so you may be able to secure a good deal.

Robert Ruutsalo

Sales & Marketing Director @ EAS

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