EAS vs. Shopify Markets Pro - Save up to 97%

EAS provides a cost-effective alternative to Shopify Markets Pro, saving businesses up to 97% in expenses. Imagine a scenario where you can access more advanced features and benefits at a fraction of the cost of Shopify Markets Pro.

With EAS, you can enjoy a wider range of functionalities and capabilities without breaking the bank. Not only does it offer substantial cost savings, but it also ensures that your business can thrive and grow without sacrificing essential features.

In the complex world of global online selling, following the rules can be tough. One wrong move and your business could face serious problems. With so many regulations to follow, it’s easy to get stuck and unable to expand. It’s like sailing through rough waters, unsure of where to go.

But there’s hope.

Review of key differences between EAS and Shopify Markets Pro


EAS Solution

Shopify Markets Pro


As low as 0,25€ per order

7% transaction fee


Supports all logistics operators and Postal

UPS & DHL Only

Type of Sales

Physical and digital sales to EU and UK and Intra-EU

Exports to EU and UK only


Can be used by companies from almost any country

For businesses from US and UK only

IOSS Number

EAS registers all customers for IOSS as per regulation

Rented IOSS number, Global-e acts as a merchant of record


Automated VAT corrections for returns

No VAT refund in case of return, making returns on average 20% more expensive

Unveiling Cost Efficiency

When you’re trying to make your brand known worldwide, finding affordable ways to do it is crucial. EAS offers solutions that help you follow the rules without breaking the bank. Compared to Shopify Markets Pro, EAS can save you a lot of money, up to 97%. And it doesn’t sacrifice how well it works or how much you can grow. This big difference makes EAS the best option for businesses looking to break into the European market. Making sure you follow the rules and still make money there isn’t just important—it’s a must.

Staggering Savings with EAS

Using EAS solutions means saving a lot of money. The difference in cost between EAS and Shopify Markets Pro isn’t small—it’s huge. This means companies aiming for Europe can keep more of their profits and run more smoothly.

With EAS, businesses don’t have to spend a lot on following EU rules. This frees up money to invest in growing, trying new things, and reaching more customers.

Choosing EAS means being smart with money while still following the rules in Europe. Saving this much money isn’t just a good idea—it’s essential. EAS doesn’t just make following the rules easier; it does it in a way that protects your profits. In a competitive market, every bit of money saved helps. EAS is a big step toward making global online selling sustainable without sacrificing scalability.

Shopify Markets Pro Vs. EAS Pricing

With the EAS IOSS Plus Plan, you pay as little as 0.25€ per order for shipping to the EU, without any percentage fees or upfront costs. Plus, you have the freedom to choose any shipping provider you want.

On the other hand, Markets Pro charges 7% of the order’s total value.

If the order value is 150€, EAS costs as low as 0,25€ vs. Shopify Markets Pro 10,5€

EAS presents a wallet-friendly option compared to Shopify Markets Pro. While the latter sticks to a fixed percentage fee system, EAS offers personalised pricing that significantly eases the financial burden on merchants.

With Shopify Markets Pro, businesses usually face a 7% fee on orders from abroad. In contrast, EAS slashes costs by up to 97%, making it a compelling choice for those expanding into the EU.

EAS’s pricing strategy isn’t just cost-effective; it’s also clear and predictable. This allows brands to plan compliance expenses accurately, without worrying about unexpected fees.

The substantial difference in pricing reflects EAS’s commitment to affordable compliance. While Shopify Markets Pro provides more general market tools, EAS specializes in tailored, cost-effective solutions for the EU.

Opting for EAS means real savings. Merchants can redirect these funds towards customer acquisition, product improvement, or other strategic initiatives, promoting stronger business growth. Check EAS Pricing

Streamlined Compliance Solutions

In a world full of complicated rules and regulations, EAS stands out for its expertise in simplifying compliance. Its tailor-made systems are designed to make sense of the maze of taxes and duties, turning them into a clear roadmap for businesses selling directly to consumers. With EAS, careful attention to the details of tax and duty responsibilities leads to flexible operational structures that reduce administrative burdens and increase market trust. This is the essence of smart business and international orders – a compliance process that isn’t just necessary, but also a valuable asset in the story of global trade.

EAS: Navigating VAT Complexity

EAS demystifies the Value-Added Tax (VAT) obligations for businesses within the EU’s intricate fiscal landscape. By harnessing EAS’s expertise, companies ensure accurate VAT calculation and compliance, essential for seamless market operations.

Amid fluctuating tax rates and unique country regulations, EAS provides clarity on tax compliance with full automation, reducing the risk of non-compliance. The precise guidance and support offered by EAS mitigate the potential for accounting discrepancies and penalties.

Complex VAT registration processes are simplified through EAS’s automated systems, fostering ease in fiscal matters across multiple EU jurisdictions. This streamlined approach is crucial for businesses to maintain operational focus and fiscal discipline in dynamic markets.

Adhering to diverse VAT requirements necessitates an adaptable framework; EAS ensures businesses are aligned with ever-evolving EU tax legislations. This results in a compliant, frictionless experience for the seller, Shopify Admin and the international consumer.

Automated IOSS Handling by EAS

EAS simplifies the management of IOSS, making compliance a breeze. Automated calculations ensure accuracy, eliminating mistakes and freeing up stakeholders from dealing with tax complexities.

For online merchants, EAS’s automated IOSS solution is a game-changer for ecommerce efficiency. By accurately handling VAT charges during the store checkout process, EAS avoids the need for post-importation VAT recovery, preventing potential delays at the customs and boosting customer satisfaction. This automation not only makes tax collection and payment easier but also enhances the overall shopping experience for European customers.

In the post-Brexit era, EAS brings clarity with its automated IOSS services. By effectively managing crucial tax details, it smoothly navigates the fiscal intricacies of cross-border transactions, maintaining the integrity of international trade.

The increased flexibility provided by EAS’s automated IOSS handling empowers businesses to engage in cross-border e-commerce with confidence. As regulations change, EAS ensures compliance by adapting to legislative updates. This proactive approach protects clients from compliance issues, strengthening their presence in the market amid evolving European tax laws.

Expanding Market Accessibility

The integration of EAS solutions acts as a keystone in dismantling the complexities of cross-border e-commerce, offering a bridge over regulatory chasms that traditionally impede market entry. By streamlining compliance and facilitating seamless transactions, businesses unlock the full potential of the European market, drawing in a broader demographic of consumers. This accessibility is the bedrock upon which brands can expand their footprint, secure in their strategic compliance partnership with EAS.

EAS’s Advantage on its support for multiple VAT schemes

EAS’s strategic approach to compliance transcends borders, offering unparalleled access to European markets.

Support for Diverse Product Types and sales types: With EAS, businesses can sell both digital and physical products, as well as handle intra-EU transactions and sales to the UK. Forging into new territories necessitates a robust, adaptable compliance strategy – EAS delivers precisely that.

Take advantage of reduced VAT rates: European countries provide reduced VAT rates for specific product categories, such as books and food items. With EAS, you can optimise your profit margins by leveraging these reduced rates.

Multi-warehouse optimisation: Shipping from within the region entails distinct compliance obligations compared to shipping from outside, which can significantly complicate operations. Simultaneously shipping from both within and outside the region adds even further complexities. However, EAS effortlessly automates these processes, ensuring seamless cross-border operations.

EAS equips businesses for seamless expansion, handling complexities with finesse and ensuring a competitive edge. EAS provides support with shipping policies as well.

Shopify Markets Pro’s Geographic Restrictions

Shopify Markets Pro operates with distinct geographic boundaries, serving chiefly US and UK businesses, leaving a swath of global merchants underserved.

This exclusivity narrows the spectrum of enterprises benefitting from its solutions.

Furthermore, these restrictions limit market diversity, hindering the reach of non-US or UK entities.

Market reach enhancement is constrained, impacting global sellers’ access to European markets.

With Shopify’s geographical exclusivity, a multitude of international sellers seeking EU or UK market entry find their ambitions curbed, searching for more inclusive platforms.

Consequently, this creates an opportunity gap, especially for businesses outside the US and UK aiming for EU and UK compliance.

Operational Advantages of EAS

Unmatched flexibility and global reach: EAS goes beyond geographical limitations, accommodating businesses worldwide and offering streamlined operations through automation. Its extensive reach enables a wide range of merchants to access European markets without any hindrances.

In contrast to the narrow logistics partnerships offered by Shopify Markets Pro, EAS allows for use of a diverse network of carriers. This versatility equips businesses with the agility to optimise their distribution strategies and adapt to diverse logistical environments.

The EAS framework excels in managing VAT variations, including the intricacies of returns. Its precise alignment with compliance ensures financial efficiency, preserving margins for businesses expanding into Europe.

Wider Logistics Network Compatibility

EAS ensures an expansive and adaptive logistics network, crucial for international market penetration.

  • Compatibility with a wide array of logistics providers and postal operators beyond DHL & UPS
  • Inclusion of options suitable for varied shipment volumes, destinations, and delivery speeds
  • Facilitation of comprehensive end-to-end logistics solutions for businesses of all sizes
  • Facilitation of flexible and tailored shipping strategies to meet specific operational needs

A multi-carrier approach provides companies with the versatility required to navigate the complexities of global shipping.

The ability to connect with numerous carriers allows for strategic logistics planning, indispensable for market expansion and customer satisfaction.

Efficient VAT Management on Returns

Managing VAT on returns and post-sale discounts with accuracy is crucial for e-commerce sustainability, significantly affecting your bottom line.

  1. Automated VAT Calculations: Ensure precision and timeliness in VAT refunds for returned items.
  2. Efficient Processing: Streamlined and automated VAT adjustment process for returns and post-sale discounts.
  3. Regular Compliance Updates: Stay automatically updated on changes to VAT regulations affecting returns.The integration of EAS solutions simplifies an otherwise complex VAT reclaim procedure, enhancing customer relations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that navigating the complex world of global online selling can raise questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about EAS and its advantages over Shopify Markets Pro:

What are the key differences between EAS and Shopify Markets Pro?

EAS offers several advantages over Shopify Markets Pro, including pricing, shipping options, type of sales, coverage, IOSS number registration, and automated VAT corrections for returns. EAS provides more flexibility and cost-effective solutions for businesses selling to Europe.

How much money can I save with EAS compared to Shopify Markets Pro?

EAS can save you up to 97% in costs compared to Shopify Markets Pro. The significant cost difference makes EAS the best option for businesses looking to break into the European market while keeping their profits intact.

How does EAS pricing compare to Shopify Markets Pro?

With the EAS IOSS Plus Plan, you can ship to the EU for as low as 0.25€ per order without any percentage fees or upfront costs. Shopify Markets Pro charges a 7% transaction fee based on the order’s total value. Read more about EAS Pricing. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your EAS Plan monthly.

How does EAS simplify compliance?

EAS specializes in simplifying compliance for businesses selling directly to consumers in the EU. With its tailored systems, EAS helps navigate tax and duty responsibilities, reducing administrative burdens and increasing market trust.

How does EAS handle VAT complexity?

EAS demystifies VAT obligations within the EU’s fiscal landscape. Its expertise ensures accurate VAT calculation and compliance, simplifying complex registration processes and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

How does EAS automate IOSS handling?

EAS automates IOSS management from tax registration to filing. This eliminates the need for post-importation VAT recovery and enhances the shopping experience for European customers, while also navigating the fiscal intricacies of cross-border transactions.

Unlike Shopify Markets Pro, EAS registers its customers for IOSS. With Shopify Markets Pro, Global-e acts as a merchant of record when selling to EAS, which is on a grey area of the EU regulation.

How does EAS enable market accessibility?

EAS acts as a bridge over regulatory chasms, facilitating market entry for businesses. By streamlining compliance and ensuring seamless transactions, EAS unlocks the full potential of the European market, drawing in a broader demographic of consumers.

What are the operational advantages of EAS?

EAS offers operational advantages through its global reach, wider logistics network compatibility, and efficient VAT management on returns. Its expansive logistics network and VAT management system optimise distribution strategies, market expansion, and customer satisfaction.

Does EAS integrate to Shopify?

Yes, you can easily integrate EAS into your Shopify Store. EAS EU Compliance Shopify App is the highest reviewed Tax Compliance App on Shopify App Store. EAS works with all Shopify Plans without need for Shopify Plan upgrade.

Is it possible to use EAS and Shopify Markets Pro simultaneously?

Absolutely, you can achieve significant savings by utilising EAS for sales in the EU and UK, while employing Shopify Markets Pro for sales in the rest of the world.

Is Shopify Markets Pro a Shopify service?

Shopify Markets Pro is an outsourced service powered by Global-e.

How much I can save on corrections in case of returns?

EAS automatically adjusts your tax reports in the event of returns. In contrast, Shopify Markets Pro does not provide VAT refunds for fulfilled orders. According to analytics, using EAS typically saves you around 20% on returns compared to Shopify Markets Pro.