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EAS partners with CNEEC

China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbr. CNEEC), formerly called China National Electric Equipment Corporation, is a state-owned professional international engineering company. It has been listed in the top 225 International Contractors for years by ENR, USA.CNEEC provides one-stop service of whole value chain, including consultation, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, operation & maintenance and rehabilitation. It also participates in international import & export business in various fields

Among other businesses CNEEC is a technology and system supplier to logistics companies and major e-commerce platforms in China and beyond.

The cooperation agreement between EAS and CNEEC is extensive and includes the use of the blockchain solution developed by EAS in trade between China, the EU, USA, customs, and tax automation as well as the distribution of EAS’s SaaS services.

With the agreement, EAS will use a data on its blockchain to secure up to hundreds of thousands of e-commerce data arriving from China to the EU every day. With CNEEC EAS is committed to creating a more transparent and efficient global e-commerce business. EAS has developed the blockchain in cooperation with the Universal Postal Union.

“EAS has been international since its inception and this cooperation agreement is a testament to the global potential of our company’s product. The cooperation agreement with CNEEC secures our operations in China, enables further development, and opens opportunities for Real-Time Economy (RTE) solutions in the EU, USA and Asia. EAS aims to be the world’s leading RTE player.” Comments Teemu Konttinen, Co-Founder of EAS

“The agreement is a major step forward for trade and postal cooperation between the EU and China. Blockchain technology enables secure and reliable data transfer, without the risk of leaking European personal data or exposing companies to sensitive information. The block chain developed by EAS, combined with customs and tax automation, reduces tax evasion and other abuses on consignments from outside the EU, enabling fair global competition.” Comments Rostislav Shakhtakhtinskiy, Co-Founder of EAS

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