EAS References

EAS – Whole EU as your home market!


Tillander, founded 1860, is the best known Finnish jewellery brand.

EAS Woocommerce plugin calculates taxes and duties and automates VAT reporting.

With EAS Tillander expanded its operations to cover the whole EU.

meest customs

Meest, founded in 1989 in Canada, operates in more than 20 countries.

EAS collects, automates and enriches customs data for Meest eCommerce customers. With better customs data, Meest is able to deliver items faster and with better reliability.

EAS China

CNEEC, a Chinese government-owned tech company, builds solutions for Chinese marketplaces.

EAS automates data collection, enrichment, and deliveries for CNEEC Marketplace customers. With the EAS solution, marketplaces are able to ship goods to the EU faster, cheaper and with better reliability.


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