One-stop-solution to resolve the new EU regulations


EAS solution provides an all-in-one tool that helps your e-commerce business grow with ease. We take care of all the hassle from tax and the new EU VAT changes so you can focus on more selling.

Easy-to-install plugin

Getting started with EAS is simple, just register and install Woocommerce, Magento or Shopify Plugin

Prepayment of taxes and duties

Single transaction model. End-customers are able to pay duties and taxes at the moment of purchase.

Full landed cost calculator

Accurate full landed cost calculator calculates national duties and taxes.

Automated VAT reporting

EAS Solution provides fully automated EU VAT reporting and filing. Up to 11 automated VAT reports per EU country

Full customs data sets

EAS Solution creates automatically full data sets for customs clearance and sends it to customs declarant through the blockchain.

Seamless deliveries

With prepaid taxes and duties, and full customs data sets - instant customs clearance is enabled and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Identification of VAT scheme

Only two schemes existed. Now, there are up to 11 different schemes. With EAS automation, they are stress free and cost-efficient 11 schemes.

OSS, IOSS and VAT registration

EAS helps you with all needed registrations to the EU. Contact us and lets get started!

Returns and VAT liability

To be able to remove VAT liability in case of return, the original customs declaration must be cancelled. EAS Solution manages it all!

Customs Data Management

With EAS Solution you have the most modern and high-security customs data management tool in the markets.

Blockchain security

Hide your IOSS number, fiscal data and sensitive personal data from the delivery chain. Risk-free data handling and full GDPR compliance.

HS6+ code generator

HS6+ codes are required from 1st of July. EAS Solution feeds highly accurate HS6+ codes to all products in product catalog.

Available plugins

Customised integration


EU wide VAT reporting with a push of a button

The Union One-Stop Shop (OSS) is the electronic portal businesses can use to comply with their VAT obligations on e-commerce sales within the EU to consumers from 1 July 2021.

Online shops can register to OSS from 1 April 2021 and can use it for transactions made on or after 1 July 2021

The Union OSS requires up to 11 VAT reports per EU country. 

EAS Solution automates all OSS reporting and helps you with the registration.

Did you know?
On 1st of July, the 22€ VAT threshold is removed. VAT is collected from every item arriving to European Union. Falsified value information will be penalised by the European Commission – two year ban being one of the tools.


Full customs data sets for instant customs clearance

From the 1st of July all shipments arriving to EU goes through the customs. Estimated 2,7 BILLION more customs declarations has to be handled by the EU customs, that’s 86 per second. EU customs will be fully jammed, meaning deliveries are delayed, returned and lost.
The only way to pass the line, and accomplish seamless deliveries to EU, is to provide reliable and factual full customs data set.

EAS Solution creates automatically the full data sets, and sends it to customs declarant through the blockchain.

EAS full customs data set contains:

Did you know?
From the 1st of July, all shipments arriving to EU, must go through customs, no matter the value.


Secured merchandise data and IOSS number

Delivering more data, and more sensitive data is required after the 1st of July. Allowing the whole delivery chain to access your vital data is a risk no-one should take.

New EU regulations requires more merchandise and personal data than before. 

With EAS Solution, you protect your business. All sensitive data is delivered through the blockchain, and reveled only to parties requiring it. All personal data is handled automatically according to the GDPR regulations.

Protect your IOSS number


The IOSS number designates the VAT liable party, the selling company. The misuse of an IOSS number designates a wrong company and their representative as VAT liable. Do make sure your IOSS number is only revealed to the parties requiring it. Reassigning or canceling an IOSS number takes at least a month.

EAS hides IOSS numbers to the blockchain and reveals it only to the customs declarant.

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